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Are you ready to start converting more leads in your Real Estate business?

When I was a buyers agent one of the things I hated most was answering numbers questions.  So I would defer people to a lender.  A lot of times those people would not answer the lenders call and ultimately we would not hear from that person again.  If I had FidelityAgent 2.0 back then I would not have ever had to worry about a numbers question.  I could have answered the questions myself and shown myself as a resourceful expert with my clients and prospective clients.

FidelityAgent 2.0 does not replace a lender by any means.  It is still very important you get your clients qualified, but when I question arises you will be able to answer it and that keeps people engaged with you.

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Recently we had a client send us a picture of a survey the other day because the deadline was almost up and they were out of pocket from a scanner.

A mobile scanner app for your cell phone and/or tablet can really save you in these situations. Also, they are great apps for your clients too! We know how hard it is to get documents from our customers.

On Android I use CamScanner and on my iPad I use Genius Scan. They are both simple to use. You take a picture of the document, the program enhances and converts it to PDF or jpeg. Then you can email straight from your device.

Search for Cam Scanner in Google Play store and search Genius Scan in the App store.



This is a must attend class if you would like to generate more referral business from your connections.  This is not a class about why you need social media or how to set it up.  It is about how to use it effectively.


 Check out our instructor Ryan Stewman at


RSVP by emailing me at or call or text me at 817-527-1181

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Fidelity Nation Title Market Condition Report Northeast Tarrant County

This is the new MCR report offered only by Fidelity National Title Company. If you would like to receive this report monthly please email me at

Downloading FidelityAgent 2.0

iPhone/iPad-     Search “FidelityAgent 2.0” in the App Store

Android-              Search “FidelityAgent 2.0” in the Google Play Store

PC/MAC-             Go to and download the app


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This is a great new product that you must look at if you are a realtor.  This is a free and easy way to increase you SMO (Social Media Optimization) and SEO (Search Engine Optimization).  Call me if you have any questions and need help getting set up.

I am here to help you increase your business.  You can reach me at 817-527-1181 or

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It is a pretty busy week for just 4 days.  We had the first of 3 demos on the new Fidelity Agent 2.0 Software today.  Everybody really liked the new look of the interface and the new customizable features that the system has.

The first iPAD for Listing Agents class is this week.  Up until now all of the iPAD classes have been focused on working with buyers.

Also the Five Star Conference is going on this week and we are showing agents a great new system to working with short sales.  If you are actively working short sales, have in the past, or say you never will again then you should talk to me, because you are costin yourself to much time and money.