The Best Real Estate Lead Converter…FidelityAgent 2.0

Posted: September 27, 2012 in FidelityAgent 2.0

Are you ready to start converting more leads in your Real Estate business?

When I was a buyers agent one of the things I hated most was answering numbers questions.  So I would defer people to a lender.  A lot of times those people would not answer the lenders call and ultimately we would not hear from that person again.  If I had FidelityAgent 2.0 back then I would not have ever had to worry about a numbers question.  I could have answered the questions myself and shown myself as a resourceful expert with my clients and prospective clients.

FidelityAgent 2.0 does not replace a lender by any means.  It is still very important you get your clients qualified, but when I question arises you will be able to answer it and that keeps people engaged with you.

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