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If you could close 30 transactions next year with your current title company or 36 transactions next year with BottomLineTitleGuy – Zach Sams at Fidelity National Title; which would you choose?

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How would you like to be on the home screen of all of your clients phones?  With Live Mobile Business Cards from the BottomLineTitleGuy and Fidelity National Title you can do just that!  You picture will be embedded in to the home screen of your clients phone with your picture and name just like an app.  By pushing your app your live business card will appear with your picture and company on their phone screen.  With live buttons to call, text, email, or visit your website.  Cool Huh?

No more losing your business card in drawers or the garbage and they will not forget you either because they will see you everyday on their phone screen.  Get in touch with me for details…, call or text me (817) 527-1181…

This is the example of what the Live Mobile Business Card would look like on your home screen and once opened.


I have been in Title business seven years and this subject comes up over and over again.  Who chooses the title company in a real estate transaction? The buyer or seller?  This process is a negotiation between the parties. And each party can make an argument to why the title company of their choice should be used.  I like the way Texas Legal Docs worded this process:

In Texas, the choice of a title company is freely negotiated between the parties. Traditionally, the seller pays for the title policy, due primarily to the seller’s contractual obligation to pass good title to the purchaser. Since the seller pays for the policy, it makes sense that the seller should be able to choose the provider. It is the buyer, however, that will be the beneficiary of the title policy, and they have every reason to demand that the title insurance be closed and backed by a reputable and trustworthy company. Both sides desire and expect a smooth and professional closing experince, and both sides hold reasonable arguments for their ability to choose. But the reality is, no party to the transaction wants to lose the deal over an argument as to what company shall act as closing agent. At some point, sellers and buyers are able to reach a mutual decision on an acceptable title company without tanking the deal.

I could not have written that better myself and I think it makes perfect sense.  Please pass this on to your fellow realtors, that title is still negotiated wether you are the buyers agent or the sellers agent, and please do not ever let a deal go south over a title company.  That would make me sick!!–Is-State-Regulation-Really-Necessary

Click read more below to learn more about a great class on the popular EVERNOTE and how to use it in your Real Estate business!!

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I have several classes coming up.  Upcoming classes are FidelityAgent 2.0 for realtors, iPad for Realtors, and Evernote for realtors.  The Evernote class is open to all Real Estate Industry professionals; however the other classes are being taught privately at Real Estate offices throughout the Southlake area.  If you would like to receive any of the training I offer please feel free to contact me for more details and scheduling.  I train individually or in a class type setting.

I hope to hear from you!! or text me 817-527-1181


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