Counter offers with PDF EXPERT and DocuSign Ink

Posted: January 15, 2013 in Real Estate Tips

Make Counter Offers Using PDF Expert and Docusing Ink

Important Apps for iPad or Tablet…  PDF Expert and DocuSign Ink


Instructions for editing contract for counter offer using PDF Expert.

1)      Open contract file in PDF Expert App.


2) Make adjustments by holding down with finger or stylus on whatever needs to be changed.  After holding down for a second a dialog box will pop up.  Select strikethrough to mark out.


3) Next to add new figures hold down for a second and another dialog box will open.  This time select text to input figures.


4) To sign or initial contracts in PDF Expert hold down with stylus or finger for a second until a dialog box opens.  Select customer signature and have them sign.  You can resize and move the signature for alignment.


5)  If you need to email for signatures you can open the adjusted contract in DocuSign Ink from PDF Expert.


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