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– Area home sales started the year at a breakneck pace.

North Texas real estate agents sold 4,733 existing single-family homes last month, the largest January total since 2007 and the second-best selling January in a decade.

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Are you wondering what you need to do to increase your web presence for your real estate business?  Are you curious about what content home buyers and sellers are interested in regarding Real Estate?

You should have answered yes to both of these questions.

Google and the NAR have just released their report, “Consumer and  Market Trends in Real Estate.”  This report provides invaluable data that Real Estate agent should consider when designing their online marketing plans.



If you have not figured it out yet I love BizBrag and I subscribe to their blog.

Their most recent post I found so interesting.  It is about the the tablet shopper revolution.  Did you know by the end of this year over 60 million Americans will own a tablet. Right now 19% of U.S consumers own a tablet. That is up 10% since this time last year!!  That is crazy fast growth!!  Tablet use has increased over 300% since last year and tablets are growing 10 times faster than SMART PHONES!! Holy Cow!!

The age group with the highest tablet ownership is 18-34 years. Gen Y anyone!  For those of you in Real Estate that is your next big demographic moving into home ownership.  Four out of ten buyers are first time home buyers and they are gen y’ers (see graph below). Yes, I know that rhymes!.

So, point is if you are in Real Estate and plan on hanging around, I suggest you get a tablet.  Call me and I will show you how to apply it to your real estate business.

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Check out bizbrag’s full article on the tablet shopper


If you could close 30 transactions next year with your current title company or 36 transactions next year with BottomLineTitleGuy – Zach Sams at Fidelity National Title; which would you choose?

Click read more and watch the short video to see how a title company can help you generate more leads and more business.

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This is a great new product that you must look at if you are a realtor.  This is a free and easy way to increase you SMO (Social Media Optimization) and SEO (Search Engine Optimization).  Call me if you have any questions and need help getting set up.

I am here to help you increase your business.  You can reach me at 817-527-1181 or

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